This is Part 2 of the Captured series. Please find Part 1 here – CAPTURED: NOELLE.

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Right now, my biggest fear is that something will happen to her while she is in our care. She is so fragile. I catch myself watching out for her all day. Making sure she doesn’t trip or fall. Half the time, I’m watching her sleep, watching her eat, watching her watch me. The last few days trekking through the forest with her were amazing. It wasn’t meant to be. I have been on many of these trips moving many ‘packages’ from one place to another. Been doing this job since I was 17 and in all these years, I have never felt for any of the people the way I felt about Noelle. She made me feel sad. Sorry for all the other people Marcia and I had transferred over the years.

I remember when I met Marcia. It was just a few months after I started working for the group and Tom had been telling me about this girl who was special. I was a bit skeptical about her specialness. I mean Tom is my boss and everything but he is known to exaggerate. I once heard him describe me as ‘gifted’ which freaked me out at the time and continues to freak me out even now considering the way Tom treats me. Anyway, I digress. So I had been working with Marcia since I was 17 and she was 18. Moving people from one place to another as Tom directed. Our job was to pick a ‘package’ from location A and move that package to location B with as little stress to Tom as possible. We were not supposed to speak to the package unless to give instructions. Simple. But I had failed. Twice. Once last year when the four year old girl we were transporting had almost died from an allergic reaction (which was Marcia’s fault- she was supposed to check the damn food!) and this time, the second time with Noelle. I don’t know how Noelle got me to talk to her. One minute I was just watching her and the next I was asking her questions. She had just looked so dejected. Maybe that was it. She had just given up. All the other packages kept begging and talking and trying to convince us to let them go but Noelle had stopped. She had just stopped talking and stopped asking for anything. It had torn at me and it had made me want to hear her voice. And so I started asking questions. Talking to her, trying to get her to fight. And I begun to enjoy the conversation. Maybe a little too much.

I digress again. I was telling you about meeting Marcia. She was like a fireball. You may think Marcia is weird now but when I met her she had dyed her natural hair red and it stuck out at odd angles and she had tattoos in too many places. Now her hair is permed, cut into a neat bob and it’s black. It has blue streaks sure but it’s mostly black. And she was high. All the time. Never shut up. Never stopped moving. But that’s not why Marcia scares me. Marcia scares me because during those first days, when she was hyper and everywhere, one day we were on our way to a location, running full speed through the bushes, this Marcia who never seemed to stop moving suddenly stopped still, ducked down and threw a knife so straight and so sure that it literally nailed a man to a tree by his left testicle. I am not kidding. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. Turns out the man had a gun on us and was trying to pick a target but that’s a story for another day. Marcia is crazy and she is going to kill me when she finds out I spoke to Noelle.

Watching Noelle now, I think it crept up on me. I don’t know why I kissed her. I mean I know why I did it. It made logical sense at the time but in retrospect it makes no sense at all. I kissed her to reassure her. That’s what the plan was, but the kiss unsettled me. Confused me so much that now I needed reassurance and there was nowhere and no way to get it with Marcia two feet away from her at all times.


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Happy Birthday To All Of YOU!!!

It’s your birthday too!
I couldn’t have done this for a whole year if I didn’t have you guys with me. Criticising me and reading all the crap i put on here. Sharing this blog with your friends and reminding me to post. It’s been a great year. so thank you!!


My Very First Post!!


It’s been a great ride! Through this blog, i got a chance to read some pieces on The Writer’s Project Ghana’s radio show on Citi Fm and you guys were listening with me!



So a great big thank you to all of you!!
and of course, this post will not be complete without a few shout outs! lol
so Shallouts to Malota, Nyameye, Okundayor, KJR,Charles, Selasi, Henry, Eddie, JeMilla, Tekpetey, Owiredua, Jase Tay, George-Patrcik, Elfreda, Mateko, Edem Afua, OPD, Kevin, Delali, Efo Dela, Joey

and all of you who have read, commented, threatened me and forced me to write. Thank you.
and thanks to Bernard for giving my blog a name.He told me that i talk so much i should open a Talk Shop and I did! ^_^

– Rowie

IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY ON 27th!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Okay so hey guys!!
In 10 days, the shop will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday! Wohoo!
So for those of you that don’t remember, on our 1 week birthday, I wrote a viewer’s choice post.
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Giving back or Taking??

I went to The Village Of Hope Orphanage in Gomoa Fetteh on a community service trip to give back to the community. It was fun. loads of fun. more fun than it should have been.
In addition to working for the school, we organized the very first Ashesi Big Brother House! LOL
okay okay I’m done fooling just wanted to put up some of the photos I took on the trip… enjoy!


This cutie who left his class to wave at me as I walked past.. I wanted to bring him home with me!


i wish this was my home. cottage by the beach? perfect!

i wish this was my home. cottage by the beach? perfect!

bag boutique

bag boutique

White Sands Beach

White Sands Beach


future model. definitely.

future model. definitely.


Hello! Hello! Hello!

lol so I just decided right now to drop the first letter f very word that starts with a vowel. They re not that many so m safe. haha


so a few announcements:

1. This week m doing my Community Service t Village Of Hope n Gomoa nd so ll be posting short ntries t the nd f ach day bout my xperiences. i hope t’s not boring.. ll try to make the posts nteresting ven f my day s boring so don’t worry.

2. I know I keep promising to get back to scheduled programming like the many unfinished stories and the Q&A sets and the Sunday Musings posts and the Dear Diary series but I won’t promise this time because I will most probably lose focus like I usually do and the posts will never come. so no promises just letting you know I’m sorry. 😦

3. I gave up on poetry last week.

after I wrote one whole page of rubbish.

I decided to call it quits.

no point in letting you all suffer through reading what I suffered through writing.

I’m not very good at it anyway

and all my poetry is either too sad or too boring.

4. erm… I’ve not really got much to say here except that it felt like I needed a number four so I added one. :-/

so I’m out! oh and our friend Nyameye is in The Writer competition on The Naked Convos so please visit their site for info about the competition and vote for him!



ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

And the fotos keep coming…check out more street style in Adabraka and our ACCRA [dot] ALT team’s take on life and dreams in the city.

Double-click on photos to enlarge. All photos taken by ACCRA [dot] ALT.

ABASS ISMAIL [Cinematographer/Photographer]:

“Accra is a place that is not so easy for some people to live. You’re living without a place or a car, you have to be struggling for troski. It’s not that easy to get a place for yourself in Accra.”

Go-Go Cart 5- photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTDEAN OSEI [Intern], right:

“My Accra is a place where everything is possible. Accra is a place where young, vibrant people from all over Ghana come to settle and achieve their dreams. It’s also challenging. Despite the challenges, it’s a place where you can succeed if you are really determined.”

Abass Ismail 6 - photo by ACCRA [dot] ALTABASS:

“We’re sick and tired with the lights on and off. And water…for my place…

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ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

by Sionne R. Neely

Accra is a city in transition. It’s a place filled with a multitude of beautiful, thick struggles.

In January, The New York Times described Accra as “a buzzing metropolis for business and pleasure” rating the city #4 of 46 places in the world to visit in 2013. New residents are continually streaming into the city from all over the country and throughout West Africa. Ghana draws major tourist traffic [The World Bank reports 803,000 visitors in 2009] along with more and more immigrants [and returnees] moving into the city for business opportunities from the U.S., Canada, Thailand, India, China, Lebanon and all over Europe [via Horwath HTL].

Earlier this month, The MasterCard African Cities Growth Index rated Accra #1 of 19 cities with the highest growth potential on the continent over the next five years. You see it in the countless construction cranes covering…

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