My Last Love. – A Diary Post

My friends say writing stuff down helps so I bought this book. This isn’t a Diary. No. I’m a hard guy. Let’s call this a Journal. I want to write about my first love, so here goes nothing…

Dear Diary Journal,

Looking back, I’m not sure when exactly I fell in love with her. We’d been friends for years when I realized that I liked her more than I liked my other friends. I remember the first time I saw her. It was the first week of college, our orientation week. I’m not sure now if it was the first day or the second day, but I was sitting with some friends from high school and there was a group of girls sitting in front of us in the lecture hall chatting lively about something. I remember that they laughed out loud and we all glanced towards them as people generally do and that was when I noticed her.

Mind you, I didn’t love her then, it wasn’t love at first sight, no. I just noticed her as a guy notices a girl. She was sitting in between two other girls, wearing blue jeans and a yellow tank top. She was slim, with shoulder-length hair and bright eyes that danced as she spoke. She was telling the other girls something, half laughing as she spoke and it made me laugh too, wondering what was so funny.

As days turned into weeks, I found out her name was Jessie. She was in a number of my classes but we each had a different circle of friends and so our paths didn’t cross often until one day when we had to work on an assignment together and then from that day, we became friends. I would look out for her after class and we would walk together to the next lecture hall, chatting on the way with her and her friends. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend or a relationship so I didn’t mind when she started dating one of the guys in our Uni and it didn’t change much in our relationship. We were still friends.

Now let me tell you what this whole story is about, why I’m telling you this. See, from the first time I met her, Jessie was this confident, approachable girl who didn’t mind hanging out with the guys. She was fun to be with and she was always the centre of attention, shouting out loud across the hall or laughing at someone’s jokes in the middle of a lecture. She wasn’t afraid of anything and I think that’s what drew me to her. The thing is I’m a shy guy. I’m really sensitive and I don’t like to be the centre of attention or be in the public eye. I love writing poetry and listening to music and I loved her confidence and her sanguine nature. She had all the qualities that I wish I had.
She was what I needed to be perfect. She would make me whole.

So somewhere in our second year, her boyfriend broke up with her. I remember it like it was my own break up. I was sitting with a couple of other guys at the entrance to the lecture hall when she rushed past us. I called her but she didn’t stop. Just went off mumbling something about being in a hurry. The next day, it was all over school that they had broken up. She seemed okay with it. Normal. Too normal for someone whose heart had just been broken but that’s how Jessie was. She was so carefree that she had gotten over it in one night.

Maybe that was when I fell in love with her. Sitting there remembering my countless heart breaks and broken limbs. Nights of smashing my fist into walls after breaking up with one of my girlfriends, or drowning my sorrows in as much booze as I could find. I loved her for being better than me.

And at the same time, almost immediately after, I realized why I would never date Jessie. You see, the problem with a girl like Jessie is that you can never tell what she’s feeling. You can’t guess and I wasn’t ready to go pour out my heart to her when I wasn’t sure if she felt the same way or not, and i wasn’t ready to hand her my heart knowing she could break it easily and never look back. I would never get over it.

Now as I write this, I still love Jessie. She’s dated other guys, I’ve dated loads of other girls and I’m dating a girl right now. We’re still really good friends and we share everything. But there’s one secret I keep from her.
The secret of my heart.

– Kwadwo


Dear Diary, I do Yawa!

before you read this diary post, my management has suggested that i let you know that there is the use of foul language in the post and a bit of erm, explicit content so do not read this if you’re below 16. thank you. i also want to mention that i didn’t write this. i was in a slump and some kind soul bailed me out so. some dude-who-does-not-want-to-be-named wrote this particular entry. Enjoy, don’t forget to comment. peace and love. Rowie.


I’m fucked…. a couple of weeks ago, Nicole and I were getting real intimate as usual…. Yet again, it was AWESOME!.. We were so overwhelmed by the passion and ecstasy that we got ahead of ourselves and had sex without a ‘glove’ on.. Something told me to pull out but I brushed off the feeling…. Anyway, after we were done, we had our usual ‘cuddle-convos’ and I went home for the night… Today Nicole called me and told me she hadn’t had her period… FUUUCK!!..  I don’t want to believe I knocked her up and she’s too scared to take a test.. I mean.. I’m just 21 and in no way ready to raise a kid! My dad would kill me six times before I hear the end of it… smh…. Some of my friends have told me about their situations like this, but I never thought it would happen to me…. After all that sex-education now I’m actually considering abortion?!.. My worst fear isn’t even the fact that I might end up killing a child, but the possibility that Nicole might want to keep it!.. Does that make me a bad person?.. I think I should convince her to do the abortion if she is pregnant…it’s probably the best for everyone, including the baby…. Or maybe It wasn’t even me?!… What if the kid’s for someone else?!… Yeah yeah!.. I heard some rumors that she was messin’ around with that Jake nigga down the block… Shit, what am I saying??!… Now I actually want my girlfriend to be cheating on me so I don’t have to take responsibility??…. I’ve been talking about being a man for so long, I guess it’s finally time to take those big decisions… once again, I’m fucked…

Dear Diary, I have no friends.

*sigh* Diary, it’s one of those days… one of those days when nothing’s going right. I need help here but I don’t know who to ask for it. I don’t have anyone to talk to because the problem is with my friends!! Diary, Sarah is being a pain! She borrowed my new pink suede shoes and she didn’t return them. And then she came around and asked for the blue flats too! And when I told her to bring the pink shoes back first, SHE got all huff and angry with ME!! Seriously! I’m the one supposed to be angry here! But whatever, I decided to just let it go and I was all cool with her until, Marie called me and told me that Sarah told Anna that I was being snobbish with my shoes and that they’re not even originals. I mean, who cares whether the shoes are originals or not?! They’re cute and that’s why she wants to steal them! But anyway, they are originals! My mum bought them for me and she paid a lot of money for them!! Plus they’re on the shop’s website and all, they’re originals, you bet! I’m really pissed at Sarah. I would never have expected her to do that but what’s even worse is that she told Anna! We don’t even really know Anna… me and Sarah and Marie have been friends since we were 6 and Anna just came along and joined the group! She just became friends with us about a month ago and suddenly, she’s Sarah’s best friend! I’ve been there for Sarah for ages and this Anna girl thinks she can take it all away! Well, I’ve had enough! Diary, I’m totally over Sarah and Anna. They can be best friends now if that’s what they want. I’m not going to get into this with any of them anymore.

Oooo diary, gotta go… Marie’s bbm’ing me… later!

*a couple of hours later*

I’m baaack!! I can’t write for long, cos Sarah and Marie are here. We’re having a sleepover and we need to go get the ice cream from the shop. Yeah I know, Sarah is here. We sorted everything out, we’re teenagers! What do you expect? Mum says this is the year we’ll fight the most. I’m sure I don’t fight with Marie as much as I fight with Sarah because Marie is such a sweetheart and you can’t fight with here anyway.. she’s too quiet. But anyway, so turns out Sarah didn’t tell Anna anything. The little slut decided she wanted to play with our friendship. Thank God Marie’s such a darling so she called Sarah and asked her what was really going on and then she did this conference thing with Anna and then me and Marie listened in while Anna went on and on about me telling her that Sarah was annoying me when I haven’t even spoken to Sarah today! It was crazy! then Sarah broke down and started laughing and then me and Marie joined in and Anna was so embarrassed she went offline and Sarah said we should have a sleepover to celebrate so the girls are here and now we really need to go get that ice cream. Later!!!


Dear Diary, it’s my birthday. ^_^

Dear Diary,

I don’t need to tell you what day it is today. You already know it’s my birthday.

Today was a fun day! Daddy got me the bike I wanted! It has spangles and a bell that can play my voice! And it has glitter all over the front and it’s pink just like I wanted! And all my friends came over and we had the big party! We had a cake, and a clown and lots of toffees and chocolate! This was my best birthday ever!

Aunty Rebecca came over, the one that’s not really my aunty but is daddy’s friend and mummy got sad a little but she said there was something in her eyes. That was after Aunty Rebecca was helping Daddy straighten his contacts in the bedroom. I went there and Aunty Rebecca was really close to daddy and was holding his face and their faces were close together and I saw them, and I asked daddy what was wrong and he said Aunty Rebecca was making his contacts fit well. I’m still not sure what contacts are because I’m only 7 but I read on the internet that it’s like glasses and it makes people see well.

So I told mummy that daddy’s contacts were not good because he needed Aunty Rebecca to fix them and that’s when mummy got something in her eyes.

Diary, do you think I should be worried about mummy’s eyes? Will she also need contacts like daddy? And will she need to get someone like Aunty Rebecca to fix her eyes?

But right now, diary, I’m just happy about my birthday presents!

I hope next year is better! I want a doll house for my next birthday! Marie has a doll house that’s almost half the size of her room! I showed it to mummy and she smiled at Aunty Rachel and Marie and I played with it the whoooole day! I want one for my next birthday!

Goodnight diary. and happy birthday to me!! 🙂


The Dear Diary Series


i just decided right now that i’m going to start this ‘Dear Diary’ series. it’ll be snapshots of different diaries of different people. but none of those people will be me or any of my other personalities. The ‘Dear Diary’ series will start tomorrow and will continue randomly till i either run out of steam or forget about it or lose interest, or get too busy. whichever comes first. i haven’t written the first entry yet, seeing as i just came up with the idea but it’ll be cool. i promise i’ll write it and have it done by tomorrow.

so visit the shop tomorrow and you’ll see the first entry in the dear diary series.

thanks for passing through