if you’re an old friend to the Shop, welcome back! if you’re new, this is just for you!

These are the different categories in the shop and what they’re for.

1. Dear Diary

the Dear Diary series is sort of a collection of snapshots into people’s lives through their diary entries. just a little glimpse of what someone Else’s life is like. I write most of them but I don’t mind some help once in a while so maybe there’ll be some written by other people.

2. Musings

when I’m mulling over something or just thinking about it for more than a minute, I’ll come and talk about it here. this is where I discuss the stuff I don’t get and where I discuss the things I observe about people and issues. I’m talking here when I’m concerned or worried or ‘musing’

3. Q & A

the Q & A section is simply the Question and Answer segment of the shop. as someone commented a while back, my personal where I answer questions asked by you guys or made up by myself or someone. I like the most random deep questions and I would love to get questions from you all!

4. Rants

I’m either pissed, angry or hurt when I’m writing anything that falls into this category. excuse all spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. I rant when something is pissing me off.

5. Short Stories

This is my favourite category. Filled with short stories written by me, I hope you’ll enjoy picking out your favourites and sharing them with people.

6. Sort Of Poems

They don’t really rhyme, don’t have the structure of poems but I guess they’re sort of poems.. ”

7. Visiting The Shop

I have loads of friends who love to write. I surround myself with cool people and sometimes, they want to put stuff up in the shop and I willingly oblige. so if you’re looking for a post that wasn’t written by me, you’ll find it in this category.


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