Just. Friends

Every time I see you, warmth crawls up from the pit of my stomach and transforms itself into a smile.
I stay, staring at you with that plastered on my face until you notice me.
Baby. My love. Hey. You. Hello. Hi.
It doesn’t matter what my lips say.
My heart is saying.. “Hello, soul mate. Please stay”.

I believe that for every person, God gives another.
Somewhere, out there.
There is someone made just for you.
And for me, that person is YOU.

You fit me.
Like a warm blanket on a cold night,
You are what I need.
Exactly when I need it.
Before I ask for it.

Don’t get me wrong,
I will not marry you.
Or even date you,

Because what we have is more than marriage.
More than stolen kisses and tangled sheets.
More than under-the-table groping.
More than legs so intertwined that I do not know where my thighs end and yours begin.
More than ‘my ex, my next’

What we have is friendship.
The kind that will not, CAN NOT die.
What we have is 2 am conversations about relationships.
What we have is me laughing at you for being in love.
What we have is movie nights and sleepovers and inside jokes.

We are Just. friends.
The word ‘just’ assumes that what we have is a poor substitute for what could be.
Just. Friends.
Because ‘just’ also means ‘exactly’ or ‘right’.
Because this world. This universe. Out of all the parallel universes that could be. This one exists so that THIS could be.
Hello. Soul mate. Please. Stay.

Rowie. 21/03/2014 1:10am


15 thoughts on “Just. Friends

  1. Sena says:

    your writting speaks to the soul…and makes you imagine that one person you wish was your soul mate yet just friends…
    can’t get enough of your articles #kudos

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