Vanity Card? Sexism

So i’ve been thinking about Vanity cards a lot lately.
I watch the big Bang Theory and i always make it a point to read Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Card at the end of each episode not only because they are usually witty and interesting but also because they give you a kind of peek into his mind.

anyway, i think this is a vanity card. not sure. whatever.
i want to talk about sexism.
one of my dreams is live in a house by the beach, alone, with like 5 dogs. okay maybe 3 but you get my drift
so i mentioned this to a friend and she says something like ‘that’s sad..’
i was confused for a second.
and then she says ‘at least they’re not cats’
and then i got it.
and then i was pissed.
why have we been led to believe that we cannot be happy without a man?
what can a man do for you that you cannot do for yourself? (except the mind-blowing sex)
i mean. It is YOUR problem if you think a person cannot be happy until she is married and pregnant or that a woman who lives with dogs( or cats) must be a sad woman.
It is YOUR problem. do not transfer this unto anybody’s dreams.
I would LOVE to live in a house by the beach with 5 dogs. with or without a man.
He will be a nice addition but i will not be sad without him.
depending on the guy i may actually be happier without him.
This is probably why some women are in relationships with losers but feel like ‘any man is better than no man’
it makes me sad.
I lost the point of this post. I’m just ranting.
so i may be starting vanity cards now..
because i hear it’s something the cool, creative people do and i want to be one of them..

till later,


4 thoughts on “Vanity Card? Sexism

  1. Jole says:

    Hahahahahahaha!! Coo and Creative.
    And yes. A woman or man can bee happy without each other…yet like you said, “Belong to me”, ‘It feels good to belong to someone’ 🙂

  2. Derrick says:

    Then i guess those using all types of local and international languages to look for a husband are wasting time at prayer centers…. Do you believe in the thing about God removin one rib from a man and putting it in a woman though cos i do and if so thats a kinda magnet attraction if u get what i mean …. **

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