In Retrospect…

In retrospect, I was never a writer, really.

I just loved to see my words formed on paper. And sometimes I was good at it but not because I had any extraordinary talent, no.

I was good at it because I worked hard at it. Because I practiced. Just like everything else that I’m good at.

I realized pretty early in my life that I wasn’t good at school work. I never got any prizes, I was never in the top 10 or top 20 or anything.

But it was when I finished my second year of Uni that I finally realized why I wasn’t good in academics.

I was just too lazy.


I only worked hard at the things I was interested in like English and RME and Pre Tech.

And in SHS, Literature, CRS and History. Everything else was just compulsory.

So I just survived school, barely passing most of my courses.


Like coding… I did MIS because programming seemed like something interesting… and because I was coding constantly in my first two years in Ashesi, it was pretty easy for me to do.

Then I had a whole summer break without coding and I got rusty at it. Now it’s not so much fun anymore. L


Okay so back to me being a writer. Yeah I haven’t written in a while. Since May actually, and now, when I try to write, I kind of suck at it.

I haven’t liked anything I’ve written in 3 months.


So I’m just posting this so you guys know I haven’t abandoned my blog. Just going through a rough patch. Hopefully, I get over it soon.

Maybe I need some inspiration. I should probably watch some spoken word videos and listen to good music.

Any suggestions?





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