Happy Birthday To All Of YOU!!!

It’s your birthday too!
I couldn’t have done this for a whole year if I didn’t have you guys with me. Criticising me and reading all the crap i put on here. Sharing this blog with your friends and reminding me to post. It’s been a great year. so thank you!!


My Very First Post!!


It’s been a great ride! Through this blog, i got a chance to read some pieces on The Writer’s Project Ghana’s radio show on Citi Fm and you guys were listening with me!



So a great big thank you to all of you!!
and of course, this post will not be complete without a few shout outs! lol
so Shallouts to Malota, Nyameye, Okundayor, KJR,Charles, Selasi, Henry, Eddie, JeMilla, Tekpetey, Owiredua, Jase Tay, George-Patrcik, Elfreda, Mateko, Edem Afua, OPD, Kevin, Delali, Efo Dela, Joey

and all of you who have read, commented, threatened me and forced me to write. Thank you.
and thanks to Bernard for giving my blog a name.He told me that i talk so much i should open a Talk Shop and I did! ^_^

– Rowie


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