IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY ON 27th!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Okay so hey guys!!
In 10 days, the shop will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday! Wohoo!
So for those of you that don’t remember, on our 1 week birthday, I wrote a viewer’s choice post.
Read it here ->
topic chosen by @Nyam3y3

and this time, i’ve decided to show my love by doing the same thing!!

So, i’m writing a post for you guys! Whatever you want me to write for whatever category.
Just tell me! So you can send me a tweet or a dm on twitter : @Amowi_
or send me an email at:

and in addition, I will finally be putting up Part 3 of the Blue Butterfly on 27th!! ^_^

all in all it will be an awesome week for The Shop and i’ll definitely be eating some cake.

Come back on 27th of June!!!!




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