Hello! Hello! Hello!

lol so I just decided right now to drop the first letter f very word that starts with a vowel. They re not that many so m safe. haha


so a few announcements:

1. This week m doing my Community Service t Village Of Hope n Gomoa nd so ll be posting short ntries t the nd f ach day bout my xperiences. i hope t’s not boring.. ll try to make the posts nteresting ven f my day s boring so don’t worry.

2. I know I keep promising to get back to scheduled programming like the many unfinished stories and the Q&A sets and the Sunday Musings posts and the Dear Diary series but I won’t promise this time because I will most probably lose focus like I usually do and the posts will never come. so no promises just letting you know I’m sorry. 😦

3. I gave up on poetry last week.

after I wrote one whole page of rubbish.

I decided to call it quits.

no point in letting you all suffer through reading what I suffered through writing.

I’m not very good at it anyway

and all my poetry is either too sad or too boring.

4. erm… I’ve not really got much to say here except that it felt like I needed a number four so I added one. :-/

so I’m out! oh and our friend NyameyeΒ is in The Writer competition on The Naked ConvosΒ so please visit their site for info about the competition and vote for him!




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