Sunday Musings: Necessity vs Pleasure

This morning, my mother put a bowl of oats in front of me. For breakfast, she said. Plain, original quaker oats.. no fruits, honey, nothing. I proceeded to give her a short lecture/lesson about food. And as usual, it got me thinking and like always, I brought my thoughts here to you guys. So… what I told my mum was there are two reasons why people eat. Cause it’s necessary or cause the chow dey pap. As far as I’m concerned (and this is my opinion, so don’t beat me just leave YOUR opinion in the comments section), Oats is prison food. Prison or war or secondary school. We eat oats cos it’s healthy not cos it’s nice. In prisons and in secondary schools, we are forced to eat oats! Forced! No choice! Because then our wardens don’t have to be overly concerned about our health or whatever. Those nurses kept saying it’s healthy. So since I have been blessed enough to not have to eat oats why would I want to eat it? I am blessed enough that I can eat for pleasure and so I have choices. Not many but still I have choices. I won’t eat oats. And then a thought popped into my head. A question really…. “do we follow God for necessity or pleasure?” Think about it. Do you go to church every Sunday because it’s required of a Christian or because you want to? Are you excited each Sunday as you dress up for church the way you are excited when you’re going out with your friends?? Is church becoming more and more like school for you? You have begun to lie to yourself that you want to be here even though you know it’s only cos school is a means to an end…. has going to church and doing good become a means to an end? A way to get to heaven?? Get things straight. Serve God because you love Him. Not because he asked you to. Go to church because you want to spend time with people who love God like you do not cause your parents forced you to go as a child and right now it’s kind of like a habit. If on one Sunday you don’t want to meet with other Christians, don’t go. Stay home and talk to God alone. God is not only in the church. He’s in your heart too. You can stay home and talk to Him. Just saying….


btw, happy Sunday guys! Have a blessed week!


7 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: Necessity vs Pleasure

  1. @ofoli_kwei says:

    Personally, I’ve also always seen oats as boring food but as a kid (just like a prisoner/boarding school student) not much of a choice was given, so man had to eat; more often to satisfy the hunger and not because the chow dey pap, like you put it. fast forward to the God bit, same thing applies to a lot of us. We can’t deny that in many Ghanaian homes, church on Sundays is ‘shoved’ down our throats from childhood. Absolutely no room is given for any of that i-dont-feel-like-going-to-church-today crap. So naturally, we get to a point where being absent from church itself begins to seem like sin to us. If many of us had the choice, we wouldn’t be so regular at church…but church has become a means to an end in many ways these days… young people getting ready for marriage clearly spike up their church attendance/activity levels to get into the good books of men of God/church elders to get the ‘deserved’ support they need through the process. The Christian society hasn’t done a very good job of raising ”kids the way they should go”…throwing them or should I say us in Sunday school every week didn’t/doesn’t do the trick. A more conscious approach to teaching the ways of God from an early age would do the trick.. I think..

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