Thank You!

Hey guys!

We cannot start this new Year without saying Thank You to the people that made last year awesome for the shop. For those of you that don’t know, we started this blog in June 2012 because Rowie’s tumblr was too crowded. And it was a good first year. smartest decision Amowi made… 🙂

In 2012 our top 5 posts were

1.  He Came. by Karen posted in “Visiting The Shop” July 2012

2. Thoughts of an ‘old’ girl. by Amowi posted in “Musings” December 2012

3. The Blue Butterfly – Pt 2 by Rowie posted in  “Short Stories” July 2012

4. the CAT and my innocence. by Rowie posted in “Uncategorized” July 2012

5. Dear Diary, it’s my birthday. ^_^ by Rowie posted in “Dear Diary” August 2012

BIG Thanks to Karen for He Came which was a sequel to She Waited by Nyameye. Read both stories and pass through Nyameye’s blog and visit Okundayor’s blog too!! oh yeah and follow them on twitter @Nyam3y3 and @Okundayor.

ok also Thanks go out to all our guests for 2012

Delali Vorgbe ( @efo_delali) for “Plates of Woe” and the ghost writer who helped me write “The Dialogue” and “Dear Diary, I do Yawa”.

Our top 5 commenters in 2012 were

1. Jasetay (@_wEiRd_akb_KiDd)

2. Okundayor (@Okundayor)

3. Nii Mantse

4. Sanchez
5. Joey (@haveyoumetjoey)
Thanks for sticking with us guys!! 😀

Hopefully, 2013 will be a better year for us and we hope to keep writing and keep posting this year.

sorry about the abrupt stop to “The Blue Butterfly” series. Rowie loses focus easily. this year will be better.

Thanks for reading,

Amowi & Rowie.


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