What was said.. The Dialogue.

hello! Rowie here! just dropping this dialogue… i co wrote it with somebody.. ok done here… going away… bye…


Her: In a whisper “You should have just asked”

Him: “what?”

Her: “I said, you should have just asked. I would have helped. I would have been there for you”

Him: “I didn’t know… I didn’t think it was important enough… I didn’t think you would make the trip… I thought”

Her: “Next time, don’t think.”

Him: “what?”

Her: “Next time, don’t think through it, don’t weigh the pros and cons, and don’t measure the need. Don’t think. Just do. Just call me”

Him: “I’m sorry”

Her: “don’t be silly! Foolish boy…. As if you don’t have a phone too!”  What happened to the iPhone 4S I bought you?!”

Him: “Oh.. hmmm.. it fell in the water when I was bathing…”

Her: “herh! Kwassiaaa!….. 800 Ghana cedis t) nsuom?!….. We are through!

Him: “Oh don’t say that, I beg!…. I’ll buy you Akorno for the whole week!

Her: “I don’t like that nasty food!… Buy me Dynasty Chinese!

Him: “ Okay, okay…. Oh my God! There is a big stone falling from the sky coming to crash into the world! Looooook”

Her:  “ Oh noooooo!!!… I’m Sooooo……..”    BOOOOOOOM!!!!!

(The world has endeeeeed!


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