The ‘Acknowledgment’

you know how you’re walking somewhere like on your way to a lecture or to your room or something and you pass by someone you know.. like, the person isn’t really your friend, you don’t chat or hangout or anything but you’re in the same class or have mutual friends so you know each other but you’re not like that so you don’t really want to say hi but you can’t pass by without saying hi so you just give that slight nod. that inclination of your head that says “i see you”??

That’s what i call the ‘Acknowledgment’.

that thing we do. it’s kind of funny on some people, awkward on some and it’s sexy on others. some add the eyebrow lift, some smile too, but the acknowledgment to me is a universal language. it says “i see you” and it says “i feel you” “i know what you did” “i like your shoes” or “you did good”…

the most awkward acknowledgment is between two people who used to date, and the cutest is between two people that like each other… lol

i think i like the acknowledgment because it’s positive.

i dunno…

in fact, i have no idea what this post is about but to make it meaningful i’ll say here that i want to ‘Acknowledge” you guys who come on here and read my posts. i just want to say thanks and well done and do it more and everything cool.

yh so i’m out of here…..

i wanted to add a GIF of myself doingΒ  the nod thing but i’m lazy and i have some work to do so later!!


6 thoughts on “The ‘Acknowledgment’

  1. Scribbler says:

    I do this as well, the simplest one of all, the nod. If someone directly addresses me I raise my eyebrows. I love how everyone seems to have their unique way of talking in this universal language. It make it all the more enchanting a practice.

    Adieu, scribbler

  2. Nikitta says:

    It is so awkward when i do the ‘acknowledgement’. lol. It never looks good so i prefer to wave. Then it gets even more awkward when the person nods instead of waves. 😦 Talk about awkward moments. I love your blog. πŸ™‚

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