Dear Diary, I do Yawa!

before you read this diary post, my management has suggested that i let you know that there is the use of foul language in the post and a bit of erm, explicit content so do not read this if you’re below 16. thank you. i also want to mention that i didn’t write this. i was in a slump and some kind soul bailed me out so. some dude-who-does-not-want-to-be-named wrote this particular entry. Enjoy, don’t forget to comment. peace and love. Rowie.


I’m fucked…. a couple of weeks ago, Nicole and I were getting real intimate as usual…. Yet again, it was AWESOME!.. We were so overwhelmed by the passion and ecstasy that we got ahead of ourselves and had sex without a ‘glove’ on.. Something told me to pull out but I brushed off the feeling…. Anyway, after we were done, we had our usual ‘cuddle-convos’ and I went home for the night… Today Nicole called me and told me she hadn’t had her period… FUUUCK!!..  I don’t want to believe I knocked her up and she’s too scared to take a test.. I mean.. I’m just 21 and in no way ready to raise a kid! My dad would kill me six times before I hear the end of it… smh…. Some of my friends have told me about their situations like this, but I never thought it would happen to me…. After all that sex-education now I’m actually considering abortion?!.. My worst fear isn’t even the fact that I might end up killing a child, but the possibility that Nicole might want to keep it!.. Does that make me a bad person?.. I think I should convince her to do the abortion if she is pregnant…it’s probably the best for everyone, including the baby…. Or maybe It wasn’t even me?!… What if the kid’s for someone else?!… Yeah yeah!.. I heard some rumors that she was messin’ around with that Jake nigga down the block… Shit, what am I saying??!… Now I actually want my girlfriend to be cheating on me so I don’t have to take responsibility??…. I’ve been talking about being a man for so long, I guess it’s finally time to take those big decisions… once again, I’m fucked…


8 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I do Yawa!

  1. Efo Dela says:

    Oh Charle, sorry Bro. You will have to ‘Grow Up’ really fast.
    I can’t imagine how u will tell your Dad.
    Me, I would have been scared to tell my ‘Ogya-tious’ mom. Dad would have handled it ok

  2. S_tage says:

    Having an abortion is a big decision to make, especially when you’re doing it here with our relatively untrustworthy “healthcare” systems. Not to mention it’s illegal, so you and your girl will have next to zero protection from any malpractice etc. here

    Talk to your girl. You two have some big decisions ahead.

  3. dave kennedy says:

    I will dare and encourage you to take up responsibility, that could be ur only kid, or ur blessing. For the parents they would rant, but it will pass.

  4. Sanchez says:

    Hmm…well at least he knows how to describe his situation adequately…
    For the parents, look; they will talk ahh, but after a while and (if) the baby is born, they will swwon and marvel like doting grand-parents.

    Personally, I’d say man up. Let her decide what she wants to do since it’s her body. She says she’s keeping it? support her. She doesn’t want it? Well, let’s just say you sound like you’d be relieved. Either way, like tage said, talk to her man… and next time wrap it up.,

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