Sunday Musings

People love to plan. Love to know the next step. Love to control their next step. But one of the things about Christianity or religion in general is that a higher power controls the next step. Perfect example: Story of Rebekah.

Rebekah was a simple girl. Virgin, didn’t like trouble, obedient to her parents, did stuff around the house.
She wakes up one morning and goes to fetch water at the well like she normally does. But this isn’t a regular morning because today, there’s a man at the well looking for a wife for his master’s son. I always wonder how Rebekah felt. A guy comes up to you and asks for water to drink and like the nice girl she’s been brought up to be, she gives the guy water and offers to draw some for his camels too. And like magic, she’s passed a test! She’s going to get married to some rich guy who sends his servants to choose his wife! She doesn’t even know the guy!!
But the servant follows her home and then tells her parents that God wants her to marry his master’s son. Pshh I wouldn’t have believed it. I wouldn’t have up and married a stranger but Rebekah did it cos they told her God said so…..She just left her parents that saaaaame evening and went to live in the strangers house.

Would you? Think about it.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Musings

  1. S.Cooper says:

    the religion of that time and the religion of now is worlds apart. People are getting messed up because they do stuff others claim was God’s order. If God doesn’t think i’m worth talking to, i doubt he’ll think i’m worth sending a message to. Let Him talk to me.

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