Just to say Hello…

Since the title of this post is “just to say hello” I’ll begin by saying hello. So….


lol. Silly. Ok, so what’s good? It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been a bit busy with getting back to school and getting back to reading so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a bit.. Really sorry *insert sad face smiley*

So some updates on the blog.
The ‘regular’ stuff will be back from next week. Meaning, on Sunday, there’ll be a #sundayMusings post and there’ll be a #DearDiary and also a #QandA post up sometime next week… I’m working on a story which will probably be out in a couple of weeks when I’m done with my Marketing and Design assignments. (I know, school sucks) 😦 but just chill and I promise to get stuff out this week.

So yh this is an update post.. In the meantime, be visiting theJRshow blog and enjoy, have fun live, love, laugh, bla, bla, bla and keep going to my tumblr for more pictures and stuff….

Ok ok ok I’m done here.




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