Dear Diary, I have no friends.

*sigh* Diary, it’s one of those days… one of those days when nothing’s going right. I need help here but I don’t know who to ask for it. I don’t have anyone to talk to because the problem is with my friends!! Diary, Sarah is being a pain! She borrowed my new pink suede shoes and she didn’t return them. And then she came around and asked for the blue flats too! And when I told her to bring the pink shoes back first, SHE got all huff and angry with ME!! Seriously! I’m the one supposed to be angry here! But whatever, I decided to just let it go and I was all cool with her until, Marie called me and told me that Sarah told Anna that I was being snobbish with my shoes and that they’re not even originals. I mean, who cares whether the shoes are originals or not?! They’re cute and that’s why she wants to steal them! But anyway, they are originals! My mum bought them for me and she paid a lot of money for them!! Plus they’re on the shop’s website and all, they’re originals, you bet! I’m really pissed at Sarah. I would never have expected her to do that but what’s even worse is that she told Anna! We don’t even really know Anna… me and Sarah and Marie have been friends since we were 6 and Anna just came along and joined the group! She just became friends with us about a month ago and suddenly, she’s Sarah’s best friend! I’ve been there for Sarah for ages and this Anna girl thinks she can take it all away! Well, I’ve had enough! Diary, I’m totally over Sarah and Anna. They can be best friends now if that’s what they want. I’m not going to get into this with any of them anymore.

Oooo diary, gotta go… Marie’s bbm’ing me… later!

*a couple of hours later*

I’m baaack!! I can’t write for long, cos Sarah and Marie are here. We’re having a sleepover and we need to go get the ice cream from the shop. Yeah I know, Sarah is here. We sorted everything out, we’re teenagers! What do you expect? Mum says this is the year we’ll fight the most. I’m sure I don’t fight with Marie as much as I fight with Sarah because Marie is such a sweetheart and you can’t fight with here anyway.. she’s too quiet. But anyway, so turns out Sarah didn’t tell Anna anything. The little slut decided she wanted to play with our friendship. Thank God Marie’s such a darling so she called Sarah and asked her what was really going on and then she did this conference thing with Anna and then me and Marie listened in while Anna went on and on about me telling her that Sarah was annoying me when I haven’t even spoken to Sarah today! It was crazy! then Sarah broke down and started laughing and then me and Marie joined in and Anna was so embarrassed she went offline and Sarah said we should have a sleepover to celebrate so the girls are here and now we really need to go get that ice cream. Later!!!



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