Dear Diary, it’s my birthday. ^_^

Dear Diary,

I don’t need to tell you what day it is today. You already know it’s my birthday.

Today was a fun day! Daddy got me the bike I wanted! It has spangles and a bell that can play my voice! And it has glitter all over the front and it’s pink just like I wanted! And all my friends came over and we had the big party! We had a cake, and a clown and lots of toffees and chocolate! This was my best birthday ever!

Aunty Rebecca came over, the one that’s not really my aunty but is daddy’s friend and mummy got sad a little but she said there was something in her eyes. That was after Aunty Rebecca was helping Daddy straighten his contacts in the bedroom. I went there and Aunty Rebecca was really close to daddy and was holding his face and their faces were close together and I saw them, and I asked daddy what was wrong and he said Aunty Rebecca was making his contacts fit well. I’m still not sure what contacts are because I’m only 7 but I read on the internet that it’s like glasses and it makes people see well.

So I told mummy that daddy’s contacts were not good because he needed Aunty Rebecca to fix them and that’s when mummy got something in her eyes.

Diary, do you think I should be worried about mummy’s eyes? Will she also need contacts like daddy? And will she need to get someone like Aunty Rebecca to fix her eyes?

But right now, diary, I’m just happy about my birthday presents!

I hope next year is better! I want a doll house for my next birthday! Marie has a doll house that’s almost half the size of her room! I showed it to mummy and she smiled at Aunty Rachel and Marie and I played with it the whoooole day! I want one for my next birthday!

Goodnight diary. and happy birthday to me!! 🙂



13 thoughts on “Dear Diary, it’s my birthday. ^_^

  1. Payola says:

    That’s a good Dad. Mummy takes the glasses off but Aunty Rebecca fixes them. LoL never tell mummy even if you are 20+

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