Best friends with the Ex.

hello guys, this isn’t really a post. I’m here cos one of my friends wants a question answered. I’m just putting it out here so you guys help us figure this out.. help please?? leave your comments and refer this post to others so they comment too. thanks πŸ™‚ – Rowie


so, some friends and i were talking a couple of days ago… one of us, let’s call him Kay, had recently broken up with his girlfriend of about two years. according to him, it was a ‘mutual understanding’ but when we asked him who suggested the break-up, he responded with “no comment”. anyway, so this girl just dumped Kay, and they say they’re best friends now. he visits her all the time, calls her almost everyday, spends time in her room just chatting with her and everything, just like when they were dating, but they aren’t dating anymore. they are best friends. (according to them).

so we’re talking, Kay leaves us for a moment to get something, and another of us, Mabie, lets out that Kay asked her out recently and she said yes with the condition that he stops being best friends with his ex. Mabie doesn’t feel comfortable with Kay when he’s still cosy with his ex. she thinks their relationship isn’t really over and Kay is just using her as his rebound girl and/or to make his ex jealous.

so Mabie wants to know what she should do. Would you go out with a guy who still has feelings for his ex? even if you like him?

do you think it’s okay for a couple that used to date to be best friends?

please, comment, let me know what you think.


Rowie .


8 thoughts on “Best friends with the Ex.

  1. Disser Gree says:

    Not a good idea in my opinion. memories, chemistry and residual feelings will always be there no matter how small. plus its likely that someone still has feelings, then its not even really a friendship. and going out with someone who still has feelings for their ex is like holding a small plate, asking for a helping of heartbreak. what happens if he decides to want his relationship back?

  2. KJR says:

    So the break is by word of mouth? What happened to actions speaking louder than words? She should get herself out of it before its too late. Its cool to be cool with your ex but THAT cozy? Naaaa mehn!

  3. edem afua says:

    this best friend with the ex thing dier me i don’t buy it…there would be too many repressed feelings and awkwardness. they should just be normal friends

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