a stalker dream

ok so this is totally true. no lies here, but it wasn’t last night.. it was a while ago but i just decided to put it up tonight.. whatever so this is the kind of stuff i dream about. enjoy. – Rowie


In my stalker dreams I’m tall; tall and lanky and able to slip easily into shadows. In my stalker dreams I’m the dark, tall, handsome stranger always around the corner. There but not quite there. In my stalker dreams I’m a guy, but I’m sure you already figured that out.

Last night, I had one of my stalker dreams. It wasn’t one of the regular stalker dreams, don’t get me wrong, it started like a usual stalker dream, it was late at night in the hour between 1 and 2 and I was wearing all black as usual… I had on the black scarf, tied casually around my neck but loose enough so I could pull it up over my mouth and nose when necessary. That was normal. Like the usual stalker dreams, I followed her from a bus stop. One without hookers because I had to be sure she wasn’t a hooker, but she had to be desperate enough to be standing at a bus stop at that time of the night. Either dropped off by or waiting for the useless boyfriend. She needed to need my help. I found her at the first bus stop I tried, that wasn’t usual but who cared? It was my lucky day. She was petite, cute like most girls are, wearing a faded yellow dress that was not too short, but not too long either, it showed of her legs perfectly, yet didn’t look suggestive. I was hooked. Not even the fact that she was wearing ballet flats instead of the usual heels I liked could deter me. She was the one for the night. I was sure. Too sure.

That was probably why I didn’t notice that this dream was different from other dreams. Didn’t notice that unlike the other girls I usually stalked, she wasn’t fidgeting with her phone or standing awkwardly at the side of the bus stop.

Didn’t notice that unlike the other girls, this one was way too pretty to be here alone. No boyfriend was that stupid.

Didn’t notice that she was sitting down on the bus stop bench, not perching on the edge of the bench, sitting fully on it, and staring into space.

Just staring.

But the legs got me and so I didn’t notice. When she got up and started walking off down the street, I followed at a discreet distance. There were others on the street so I could blend in easily with the night crawlers of Accra. This was going to be a good night for me. I smiled slyly and considered taking out my camera to record her, no. there would be time for that later. She turned onto a side street after Niagara hotel and immediately I was alert. This side street was known for the druggies and whores. Many times, I had been attacked on this side street. But this time, there was no one there. That is probably when I should have turned back. But no, the legs held me captive, and so I followed. That was the last time I would ever go down those streets in my stalker dream. The very last time. Because in the next instant, the girl turned to me and smiled. She whirled around in her yellow dress and smiled. She looked straight into my eyes. I was confused. This was MY dream! The girls I stalked in my dreams usually didn’t look me in the eyes. What was going on here? I tried to turn back but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even stop walking towards her. I panicked and tried to wake up. This dream was turning into a nightmare and I didn’t want it. But I couldn’t wake up. I was trapped. Trapped in my own dream.

My mother: “herh Ewuresi!! Ewuresi!! Won’t you wake up?”

Me: *rolling about in bed, tangled up in blankets*

My mother: “EWURESI!!!! As for this girl, she never wakes up early!” *enters my room, pours water on my face and starts pulling at my blanket*

Me: mmmmmm *stretching* what?

My mother: “wake up and let’s go and pray, I have to go to work” *leaves my room*

Me: *thinking* “Ah! Another stalker dream!”



15 thoughts on “a stalker dream

  1. Nii Mantse says:

    You know how the details of dreams are usually sketchy? It didn’t feel like that. Dunno if that’s good or bad. It’s good writing but it didn’t sustain my interest. Or maybe this is just how you dreamt it…

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