The Blue Butterfly – Pt 2

okay so we get Pt 2 of The Blue Butterfly today. sorry it took a bit but writer’s block, you know, 🙂 so enjoy, and as always tell me what you think. – Rowie.  Read Pt1 here


Elise crouched behind the door, in the space between the door and the wall. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was praying for the first time in her life, praying that no one would find her there, that the men raping her mother wouldn’t see her. Her mother was screaming and crying. Elise crouched lower and covered her head with her small hands, trying to drown out the noise of the men. She had counted 3. She could count to 1000 although she was only 8, her mother had taught her. She heard one of the men laugh and shout to his friend, something she couldn’t understand. Her mother screamed again. Elise wanted to help but even her 8 year old mind told her there was nothing she could do. Except pray that the men didn’t find her, or pray that someone came to help, but no one ever came.

After the men had left, Elise got up and went to kneel at her mother’s side.

“Mama? Mama?” she called softly.

Her mother turned and looked up at her daughter.

“Elise…” she said in a tone that was neither questioning nor answering.

“yes mama.”

“Go and dance Elise”

and Elise got up, picked her dance bag from its hook by the door, and went across the street to the dance studio.

Elise had been dancing since she was 6. She had walked into the studio one day when her father was beating her mother and asked the lady by the door if she could sit and watch the girls. But the pretty young woman had smiled and told her to join them. So she had. And she had loved it. Elise found that when she was dancing, she forgot everything; forgot that her father was beating her mother, forgot that she had left her mother crying, forgot the hunger gnawing at her stomach, forgot her torn clothes. Forgot everything but the dance.

Dancing became her life. She would run to the studio right after school, change in the dressing room and throw herself into the dance. And she was good at it. Miss Maria, the director, had watched her countless times and each time, she marveled at the talent this little girl had, and the way she absorbed the dance. Or rather, the dance absorbed her. Sometimes, Miss Maria felt she should stop her. Send Elise home to deal with her problems and with her pain. This wasn’t healthy. But Miss Maria was also selfish. Watching Elise dance was too beautiful.

So they let her dance. They all pretended they didn’t know why she danced, that they didn’t see her crying sometimes in the bathroom, no one asked any questions. The other girls often invited her for lunch in their homes, pretending they didn’t know how hungry she was, not telling her that it was Miss Maria who told them to invite her, because she was worried Elise wasn’t eating enough.

Miss Maria and the other girls felt they were doing their part by ‘taking care’ of Elise. They couldn’t help her out at home, so they gave her a haven. A place she could go to when things went wrong.

Until one day, their haven wasn’t enough to shelter their little Elise.

Read Pt1 here


17 thoughts on “The Blue Butterfly – Pt 2

  1. ricky says:

    I relate to Elise. I like the way she distracts herself with dancing. I like the way you write from a dark experience. I really relate to Elise, please keep them coming.

  2. Karlo says:

    It’s really good so far, but I wish you knew the whole story before you started posting. If you’re not lucky, your story will drag, deviate or you might even end up contradicting yourself. That’s how a lot of tv series get cancelled after 4 or 5 seasons… Take a queue from J.K Rowling.. she wrote Harry Potter backwards (7 – 1), went over and made all necessary changes and corrections before releasing the first book. So by the time you post part 3, I hope you know how it’s gonna end.

    P.S (If you do this, you won’t have to worry about writers block anymore and the pressure from people to write the next installment :] )

    • Rowie says:

      good idea. except, if i develop the whole story first, you may end up getting part 3 in a month lol i should have done that before posting part 1 though.. thanks.

  3. Okundayor says:

    yeah true…its like sucker punch. ahbah Anna-lisa! it is too short! i want more! lol..good story though…we all hide from our realities in one way or another..Elise’s is dancing, that’s cool.

  4. kayzia says:

    hope this comment shows, God knows most of my comments posted on ur blog and other wordpress blogs never appear :I
    ok. now my comment: i like this!! i like the fact that the beginning is the end, stories that unravel like that always excite me. off to read the next one.

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