the CAT and my innocence.

in my innocence, i asked you guys to give me a topic to write on for our one-week-on-wordpress anniversary which is today! *cheers from audience* in my ignorance, i said “ANY topic” and yes i got them. after much soul searching and prayer. (i just wanted to say that) i picked one out of the many topics you suggested and… sorry Wellington, it’s not football!… so the topic is..


please before we go on i just want to get it out there that i have never tried this technique before, only heard of it for the first time last week at Accra[dot]alt’s Talk party series and as curious as i am, i have done my research. one of YOU suggested it and since i promised, i will deliver.

so the Coital Alignment technique is, if you haven’t already figured, a sex position. it’s apparently a variation of the missionary position. but it was created to let the guy last longer and to give the girl more pleasure. (yaay!! girls are happier!!)

in my research, they said a psychotherapist ‘formulated’ it and he , his wife and some other dude wrote a study on it but i think they had some great sex(maybe a threesome) and they tried something new and the guy went “hey! i’m a psychotherapist so if we go around talking about it no one will care” and so CAT was formed.

so everybody knows that the girl has a clitoris and when you have normal dull missionary sex, the thrusting that the guy does doesn’t get to the clitoris so the girl doesn’t have a proper orgasm. but with the CAT, the girl gets a proper orgasm. i couldn’t find any proper videos i just got this one which has bad background music. but some sites i found try to describe it. so you can go here, here or here. for help 🙂 (click the last one, it is absolutely AMAZING! no really, just click this link. you will NOT regret it! 😀 )

okay, now all that stuff up there is boring, you didn’t come here to read that but i’m sorry, as i haven’t tried it before, i can only contribute what wiki tells me. so.. would you guys ever try this? have you tried it? comments?

haha before i go, just to be clear, the whole point of the CAT and this post is so that girls can enjoy sex as much as guys do. it’s so that you don’t have to do this:

may this never be your portion.



13 thoughts on “the CAT and my innocence.

  1. Kojo Frimpong says:

    I came here expecting a vivid description of the technique! thanks for the pointers though, interesting post.

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