Sunday Musings – Hannah

She didn’t need three wishes.

She only needed one. What she most wanted in life could be summed up in a single wish. For so many years, she’d thought about it to the point where realizing the dream had become an all-consuming pursuit. Waking and sleeping, it was her primary focus. It preoccupied her mind like a background noise- a constant loop reminding her over and over again that what she wanted most she couldn’t have.

“Have you tried some herbs from the midwife?”

“Did you offer a sacrifice? God will help you”

“Have you talked with your husband about it?”

“Have you…”

Her friends were only trying to help but they just served to remind Hannah that they’d likely never wanted something as badly as she had. She’d done everything. She’d been down every route imaginable and still nothing. Until one day she realized something.

She wanted this one thing so much that she was willing to release it in order to receive it. 


The first time I read the Hannah story, I kept thinking, “why doesn’t God just give her a child?” it seemed very odd that this woman was begging for a child and it was like He was just ignoring her and I felt like God wasn’t making sense. Then when I read this passage it was like a light bulb.

When God doesn’t make sense, He wants more from us. How much more? Hannah did everything!!

But she didn’t do the most important thing. She didn’t surrender all to God. God was teaching a lesson. To Hannah and to all of us. Only when you’re willing to let it all go, will you receive it all.



One thought on “Sunday Musings – Hannah

  1. no need says:

    Saw dis link on ya twitter page n since I was so curious, I decided to chk out wat dis blog is all about….
    I simply agree wif all dat u said n even more I fink as Christians we don’t really trust God enof to let go of all those fings dat hold us back to dis world…
    Dat sacrifice dat leads to us having all is wat we seldom seek to avoid dats why we suffer… I shld probably jux end here.. God job anyways, love wat u doing n keep it up!! ☺
    P.S. : … Sorry I asked for a follow back, fank u for ur tym!!

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