The Blue Butterfly – Pt 1

Elise passed her jeweled comb through her long black hair, the stylist had already brushed it many times that evening but Elise never felt right till she passed her lucky comb through her hair herself. Just once was usually enough, but tonight she had combed it once, twice, and she was still combing it. The other girls had already left the changing room, the last one, Maria, looked at Elise as she left with a sad smile on her face. They all knew why Elise couldn’t stop brushing her hair; she didn’t want the show to start, because she didn’t want the show to end.

When Joe had called her into his office the night before and told her they were letting her go she thought it was a joke. She was one of their best dancers. She had been doing this for so many years that she thought she would never stop. This was her life. Dancing was the only thing she knew. But the nature of the business meant the younger girls always got the spot and Elise was no young girl. She was old. Old and tired. That’s what Harry had told her as he left her apartment two weeks ago for the last time. As he dumped her for the girl across the hall. The younger, prettier girl. At that time Elise didn’t care because she had her dancing. Her dancing kept her sane. Kept food on her table and helped her pay her bills. So she didn’t really care about Harry. He was just a warm body, Elise could get a puppy. Puppies were warm bodies too.

But now Elise felt like her life was well and truly over. Harry left her and she lost the one thing that had always kept her going. Her dancing. She didn’t know what she was going to do tomorrow. She hadn’t told her son about Harry leaving. Mickey wouldn’t understand. Her little Mickey who had never understood his mother. When Mickey bought his first house, he had asked her to come and live with him, asked her to stop dancing. He didn’t understand that she needed to dance. They fought then. A long bitter fight that had lasted weeks and he wasn’t really speaking to her even now. He felt she disgraced him with her dancing. “At your age, mama!” he had screamed at her the last time they had spoken. As if she wouldn’t stop if she could. He didn’t understand her need.

Tomorrow morning when she woke up and didn’t have anywhere to go, she didn’t know what she would do.

Elise gave her hair one last, long stroke and put the comb down. She stood up and looked at herself in the full length mirror opposite her dressing table. One last look and she left the dressing room, on her way to the stage. For her final performance as the Blue Butterfly.


Read Part 2 here


18 thoughts on “The Blue Butterfly – Pt 1

  1. Nii Mantse says:

    I think “As he dumped her for the girl across the hall” should have been part of the previous sentence. I love the time transitions and the tenses are perfect.

    See people? That’s what u shld do here. Don’t just “luv it!!!!”. Tell us what you love so we know it’s not good old ass-kissing 😀

  2. Amonoo says:

    Good writing. We’re waiting in earnest for the subsequent parts. Till then, we’ll skim the rest of this fine blog 😊

  3. Selasi Ahema Tsegah (@surabbie) says:

    There are too many good things being said about this post as it is so I don’t want to add some, so that your already big ‘ol head doesn’t explode but I can’t be a hater. I loved it! I loved the transitions just as Nii Mantse said and of course tenses are perfect; we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now would we?
    I agree with Jeffrey, it had a little of the Black Swan element in it but the first word that popped into my head, the minute I started reading it was BURLESQUE.
    It’s a great read so far. Can’t wait for the rest. Kudos kiddo. 🙂

  4. Windmill says:

    I can’t hate on this one, yet. I’ll be back though for the second part. Can it be better than the first, i wonder?

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